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I don’t know what Halloween morning is like in your house but in ours, it’s chaotic!  You’d think it would be crazy in the evening, but no.  For us, it’s Halloween morning.  Not only is there breakfast to be made for both girls, who wake up at different times and    order different foods – yes, I did say ORDER! – but there are lunches and snacks to be made, schoolbags to be packed, clean socks to be found… I could go on, but I think you get the picture.  On top of everything else, we had to do the whole costume thing, hair, make-up… I just can’t understand why I LOVE Halloween!

So, all this to say breakfast was the usual dull morning.  I did have something special planned but couldn’t work it into our schedule.  So while the kiddies were carving out their pumpkins after school, I treated them to these.  Spider and spiderweb pancakes!.  Cute, no?

I used my own buttermilk pancake recipe and transferred the batter to a squirt bottle.   The idea was adapted from Martha Stewart.

Hope you had a Happy Halloween!